About Everyday Adventure

Everyday Adventure is about making normal life a little bit more memorable. It’s about spending more time outside, pushing ourselves to reasonable limits and sharing new experiences with like-minded friends.

Through a series of monthly adventures and daily challenges, we’re exploring the best of the British countryside (with occasional visits to Europe when funds permit). By squeezing these trips into weekends and the 5-9, we hope to show that adventure doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, and that it can be found almost anywhere by almost anyone. We’re normal people with normal jobs, bills to pay, families to see and other, quite normal, commitments.

Our biggest hope for this blog is that it makes us more committed. By telling the world that we’re going to go on an adventure every month, there’s more chance it’ll actually happen. More chance we’ll wake up at 4am rather than hitting the snooze button, and more chance we’ll run that final 10 miles rather than catching the bus.  Above all, we hope it helps us capture memories of when we sought to make the everyday just a little bit more adventurous.