Exploring New Zealand’s Fjordland National Park

The Idea: Exploring the lakes and mountains of Fjordlands, New Zealand
Location: Lake Marian, NZ
Essential Kit: Salomon Hiking Shoes, Suunto Spartan HR

It’s been pretty quiet over here on everydayadventure.co.uk so far this year. I have been on an extended honeymoon with my wife Faye, Matthew has purchased his first house and decided to essentially knock all the walls down and start again from scratch, Nick is planning his wedding and Joe is preparing for the birth of his second child. It’s been hectic to say the least! But whilst we have been busy we have also been planning, building up to some fun adventures and collaborations.

We have partnered with Suunto to help us in our training for the Skyline Scotland events that we’ve signed up for. We have some great training runs and challenges lined up over the summer, starting this month with a challenge to each climb the height of Mont Blanc (4,810m) in combined ascent from our runs in June. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our progress and plenty of new content coming over the next few weeks!

For now, I am sharing some images from my recent travels, first up is a collaboration with Suunto and Salomon, shot in New Zealand:

The epic landscape of the Fjordland National park was the perfect place to try out Faye’s new Hiking shoes and GPS watch. The previous day hiking on a high mountain ridge we looked across the valley and could see an azure blue lake just above the treeline, surrounded by towering peaks. With the summer sun beating down on us it looked irresistible. Without knowing what it was called or how to get to it we made it our goal for the next day, to reach it and to take a swim.

After a night of research and planning we loaded the Route onto our watches and set off early the next day determined to reach Lake Marian and have a refreshing Glacial swim. After a couple of hours gruelling tramping and scrambling through the thick steep forest we broke the treeline and emerged in a beautifully open cirque surrounded by snow capped peaks with our goal laid out in front of us. Within a matter of seconds we were in the water cooling off from the mid-day sun. The freezing glacial water and beautiful views were the perfect reward and one of the highlights of the whole trip! ▲